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100 Best Thrillers of All Time

August 18, 2018

You’ve probably binge-watched all the top thriller movies out now on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu, but have you read the best thriller books of all time?

In 2018, we’re presenting our take on the 100 best thrillers of all time, spanning the best psychological thrillers, crime novels, and mysteries. Of course, we know that this list doesn’t cover every top-notch thriller out there, so let us know in the comments what suspense novels are your all-time favorites.

Dean Koontz

The cover of the book StrangersAfter over two decades in the trenches of sci-fi and horror fiction, Koontz earned his first hardcover bestseller with 1986’s Strangers, which revolves around a band of individuals who find themselves drawn to a motel in the Nevada desert from thousands of miles apart, united in an escalating sense of terror which manifests differently in each of them. This page-turner signifies the moment when Koontz announced himself to the mainstream as an indisputable authority on the art of building suspense. 

– Tom

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