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Syfy Wire: 40 Thoughts We Had While Watching Hideaway

October 24, 2018

It’s national treasure Jeffrey Lynn Goldblum’s birthday on October 22, and thus we at SYFY FANGRRLS have dedicated the entire month to the celebration of our favorite moments, movies, outfits and noises from this absolute zaddy of a man. (And if you don’t know what “zaddy” means, Google it, because Jeff Goldblum already knows.)

In celebration of our latest favorite monthly observance, 31 Days of Jeff Goldblum, we’re taking a walk down Memory Lane into the long and storied past of his legendary acting career. Some of these films are worth revisiting. Some, as is the case for our latest Deja View, are most definitely not. Still, for Jeff Goldblum, we boldly trek into the good, the bad, and the just plain terrible.

1. Any movie that starts off with a church choir singing in the background is a cue that we’re going to get into some heavy psychological sh*t here.

2. Hideaway!Jeremy Sisto doesn’t listen to the wimpy-soft Cranberries here like he does in Clueless. Nah, you know his character (also named Jeremy, not confusing at all) is really a bad boy because it’s ALL HARD ROCK ALL THE TIME, DUDE.

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