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Dean Koontz to only sign new releases by Jon Torres

June 24, 2019

My trips to Book Carnival in Tustin, California are usually exciting. Known as a mystery and suspense bookstore, it has always had a special relationship with Dean Koontz. Part of that special relationship has included the ability for fans to drop off a limited number of books for Dean to sign while he signs his latest release.

That has now changed.

On May 29th, 2019, while picking up The Night Window and some additional books, I was told by Anne Saller, owner of Book Carnival, that Dean would no longer sign additional books. While his health “is good”, it is getting difficult for him to sign so many books. This was evident by the signature in my copy of Detours. (Above) While the news of only new releases being signed was sobering, it was tempered with better news. According to Anne, Dean has already finished three more books.

[I’d been wondering about this myself since there was not a pre-signed edition of The Night Window released as had been with all previous Jane Hawk novels. –Michael]