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Dean wrote a Python book?

June 28, 2019

Normally a new entry doesn’t get it’s own blog post too, but this one’s just too fun…

Recently the online article “What Occurs After Amazon’s Domination Is Entire? Its Book shop Presents Clues” by Viraj Shah (June 24, 2019) discussed the number of bootleg book being sold on He says:

‘One ebook, moreover known as “Python Rupture Route,” is an thoroughly doubtful effort. On its front quilt is a distorted label appropriated from the respected publisher McGraw Hill but subtly modified to “RcGraw Hill.” The ebook sides a biography of Alexis Jordan, its purported author, on the assist quilt that became stolen from the in style suspense author Dean Koontz. (“His novels are broadly described as suspense thrillers,” and many others.) Internal, there would possibly per chance be a completely a quantity of biography plagiarized from Jürgen Scheible, a German media artist.’

The book in question is titled Python Crash Course by Alexis Jordan. I was able to purchase a print copy of this book which was removed from Amazon by the time my copy arrived just two days later.

Yep, check out the author bio on the back: