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What’s New & Updated September 15, 2019

September 15, 2019

To be honest, nothing. Due to some scheduling issues with my day job I only get a one-day weekend this week so I’ve got two days worth of weekend things to do today. (I”ll get a three-day weekend in two weeks to make up for it.)

But in the interest of posting something, here are some photos I took for a Facebook group of my Koontz collection. They don’t show you everything but they’ll give you a sense of the size of the collection.

The Fiction, hardcovers & trade paperbacks
Non fiction, manuscripts, screenplays, reference, & misc.
The paperbacks. Yep, they’re all in boxes.
MP3CDs, DVD, Bluray, a betamax, and misc paperbacks
Cassettes, CDs, blurbs, oversized, & misc.