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Books Needed as of 11/24/2019 

November 24, 2019

With my recent acquisition of a first printing paperback of Strangers I mentioned on Facebook that this was one of a small handful of paperback firsts I was missing. I was then asked for what else I was missing. So, here’s the current list of known items missing from my collection. If you believe you have one of these that you’re willing to part with, drop me a line and I’ll be happy to discuss.

  • Again, Dangerous Visions (UK HC 1st)
  • Be Mine by Rick Mofina (2004 PBK blurb )
  • Breathless (LP HC NOT BCE)
  • By the Light of the Moon (LP HC [NOT BCE])
  • Chase (UK/AUS LP HC & TBPK)
  • Chase (UK PBK Headline 1st)
  • Christmas is Good (HC)
  • Children of Infinity (HC [Have BCE])
  • Children of the Storm (Dwyer / Magnum)
  • Complete Masters of Darkness (LTD)
  • Continuum 3 (UK HC 1st)
  • Continuum 4 (UK HC 1st)
  • The Dark of the Summer (Dwyer / Magnum)
  • Darkness Comes (Star UK PBK)
  • Demon Child (Dwyer / Magnum)
  • Face (LP HC non-BCE)
  • Frankenstein: City of Night (Cassette)
  • Frankenstein: Dead and Alive (2009 CD 0-7393-1717-2)
  • From the Corner of His Eye (UK TPBK upgrade 0-7472-7074-0)
  • Funhouse (VHS w/ red square)
  • Good Guy (LP 9780739327258) [NOT EXLIB UPGRADE]
  • House of Thunder by Leigh Nichols (UK HC)
  • Key to Midnight by Leigh Nichols (UK HC)
  • Key to Midnight (Dark Harvest Trade HC)
  • Key to Midnight (LP, not exlib)
  • Legacy of Terror by Deanna Dwyer (Magnum)
  • The Mask (PBK 1st)
  • Midnight (LP HC)
  • Night Chills UK (HC 1st)
  • Nightrunners (Lansdale Lettered)
  • Powers: Secret Histories 3 vol set (1 of 26)
  • Prison of Ice (UK HC)
  • Richard Matheson Companion (TRADE HC)
  • Richard Matheson Companion (LETTERED)
  • Servants of Twilight (CD)
  • Shadowfires (LP HC [upgrade])
  • Shadowfires (LP TPBK)
  • Sole Survivor (HC unsigned 1st upgrade)
  • Through Shattered Glass by David B. Silva (LETTERED)
  • Twilight Eyes (DRK BCE)
  • Wall of Masks (UK HC) if it exists
  • Watchers (UK LP 0-75050-296-7)
  • Watchers (LP TPBK 1-56054-958-0)

Photo by Evgeni Tcherkasski on Unsplash