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Whuan-400 a.k.a. Gorki-400

February 17, 2020

Read this post instead. It’s got a lot more detail.
The end-all be-all blog post debunking how Dean Koontz “predicted” the coronavirus

So yeah, I didn’t think I’d write another post about this wild conspiracy theory that Dean “accurately predicted” the coronavirus but here we are again. The reason I am is that folks are getting a simple basic fact wrong: The fact that Dean wrote about Wuhan-400 in 1981 when The Eyes of Darkness was originally published. Turns out, the virus in the book was originally from Russia and named Gorki-400. It wasn’t named Wuhan-400 until Dean revised the book in 1996. Here’s four examples, two of the original text, and two of the revised text.

Eyes of Darkenss, Nichols, UK Piatkus, p302, 1981
Eyes of Darkness, Dark Harvest, p250, 1989
Eyes of Darkness, Berkley BCE, p353, 1996
Eyes of Darkness, Berkley TPBK, p319, 2011