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What’s New & Updated August 17, 2020

August 24, 2020

There are just a handful of “holy grails” when it comes to items I’m still looking for. Sure there are a bunch of items I could just spend more than I’d like to on this afternoon, but then there are others that I’ve just never, or only once before, seen for sale. Well, this week I got to check one of them off my list: The Drowned Man’s Reel by Charles de Lint with an introduction by Dean.

Previously I’d known that the National Library in Quebuec had one but accessing it was basically impossible. I’d seen a record of another one having been sold previously on eBay but that was well before I knew to look for it. But now, one of just the 100 released (not sold, but given away privately,) is in my hands. And it’s inscribed to the, I assume, original owner by Mr. de Lint.

So, not a lot of new content this week, but one of them’s a doozy!