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What did Travis feed Einstein?

March 4, 2021

Not everyone knows that chocolate is bad for dogs. Turns out that back in 1986 when Dean wrote Watchers he didn’t know this either and had Travis feed Einstein a Hershey bar. (Chapter 1, part 3) But recently an eagle-eyed reader on Facebook noticed that in later editions Einstein eats a Planters Peanut Bar. So of course, you humble webmaster needed to try to figure out when this change was made. Here’s what I found:

1986 Hardcover: Hershey Bar
1988 Paperback: Hershey Bar
1998 Koontz Book Club Hardcover: Hershey Bar
2003 “Afterword paperback” (40th paperback printing): Planters Peanut Bar
2008 Trade paperback: Planters Peanut Bar

So it looks like the change was made in 2003. The Facebook commenter also said that “Lots of people wrote to him and set him straight.” but I have no current way to confirm this. If someone can find some sort of article or interview that does confirm that I’d love to have a copy sent my direction.