A Brief Plot Synopsis for a Possible Cinematic DEADBONE EROTICA (Unpublished)


Release Date: c. 1968/9
Format: Typed pages
Page Count: 11


Mark Bode
Mark Bode

Page 1: “* The following pages are not meant to constitute a complete plot outline nor an ironclad sequence of incident, but are intended to convey an understanding of how DEADBONE EORTICA could be organized into a conventional, linear plot. It is, therefore, especially in later pages, only suggestive of the details.”

This item is in my personal collection and was sold to me by Mark Bodé, Vaughn’s Bodé’s son.

According to Mark: “This 10 page synopsis by Dean Koontz was hand typed for my father Vaughn Bode for a possible cinematic “Deadbone Erotica.” It comes from the private collection form the Bode estate and was intended to help film make Ralph Bakshi pitch the idea to producers.
“I’m assuming the treatment was made between 68 and 69 as that’s when Bakshi and my father started trying to work together. Actually Bakshi was acting as my father’s agent trying to get his ideas animated. So Dean would have been helping my father with the wording to get producers involved.”

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