Advice to Collectors from Dean Koontz


Release Date: December 1997
Appears on page(s): 12
Cover Price: $4.50

This issue of Locus also contains (p10) a small piece about Dean’s then recent hair restoration surgery with before and after photos. It also mentions a Fear Nothing and Seize the Night, the sale of film rights to Sole Survivor, and that he is “currently negotiating to write and produce a film based on his novel Night Chills.”


This is an open letter from Dean to those who collect his works regarding forged items and incorrect pseudonyms. He specifically mentions that he is not Shane Stevens or the David Axton who wrote Stolen Thunder.

According to Dean:
“This was an ad that appeared in Locus… It happened after Ed Thomas knew customers who had paid a lot of money for letters supposedly by me. He felt they were forgeries, and he was right. I hoped to spare others from wasting their money.”

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