After the Last Race

Trade Hardcover

Release Date: 1974
Copyright: © 1974 by Dean R. Koontz
Publisher: Atheneum
Page Count: 279p
ISBN-10: 0-689-10621-1
Cover Price: $8.95
States: “First Edition”
Cover image courtesy of Noah Mitchell.

Mass Market Paperback

Release Date: December 1975
Copyright: © 1974 by Dean R. Koontz
Publisher: A Fawcett Crest Book reprinted by arrangement with Antheneum Publishers.
Page Count: 272p
SBN: 449-02650
Cover Price: $1.50
States: “First Printing: December 1975” and “1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10”


The cover of the paperback features a man who looks like Michael Caine. This has led some to believe that this is a book of a movie and list the book as “from the movie starring Michael Caine.” This is an original novel and no film has been made of this title.

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