Short Stories & Novellas


Infinity Three edited by Robert Hoskins

Release Date: 1972
Copyright: CALIBAN, copyright © 1971 by Robert Silverberg, was written especially for Infinity 3.
All other material copyright © 1972 by Lancer Books, Inc.
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Publisher: Lancer Books
Page Count: 224
Appears on page(s): 65-82
SBN: 447-75320
Cover Price: 95¢
States: No statement of printing


Locus #67, 11/12/70, p4:
Bob Hoskins is now reading for INFINITY 3. He especially needs some short stories om the 3 to 5,000 work category. Submissions may be sent to him c/o Lance Books…”

From the author bio: “…including s-f, mysteries, gothic suspense and non-fiction … recently completed a text on WRITING GENRE FICTION, which will be published by the Writer’s Digest.”

DK has stories in Infinity one, three, four and five. Despite popular belief, he was not included in Infinity Two.

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