“Because I have liked some of her work…” (Unpublished)


Release Date: July 26, 1991
Format: Pages 2 & 3 of a 3-page fax
Page Count: 2


A letter in response to Sheri S. Tepper’s article in Locus #397 (August 1991.) Dean is in such disagreement with the content of said article that “she should immediately direct her publishers to remove [my] blurb from any and all future editions of her titles.”

As to the date of this letter seeming to precede the date of the issue of the magazine in question., please note that most periodicals are dated based on the date that the issue should be removed from sale, not the date in which it was published. Therefore the August 1991 issue of Locus was released in July 1991.

Source: Locus Science Fiction Foundation Archives, David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Duke University.

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