David Silva: Person of Mystery

as the Introduction to Through Shattered Glass by David B. Silva

Release Date: March 21, 2001
Copyright: Copyright © 2001 by David B. Silva
Introduction Copyright © 2001 by Dean Koontz
Publisher: Gauntlet Press
Page Count: 263
Appears on page(s): i-v

Limited Hardcover

350 signed and numbered copies
Original List Price:$40.00

Lettered Hardcover

26 traycased, leatherbound, signed and lettered copies
Original List Price:$150.00

Useless News

Release Date: Spring 2000
Appears on page(s): 10-11


The mass market trade paperback Gauntlet Press edition of Ladies Night by Jack Ketchum (2000) contains an advertisement for Through Shattered Glass which lists a print run of 500 copies of the limited hardcover edition, along with a “free chapbook” with both editions and a “free CD” with the lettered edition. It also states a publication date of December 2000.

The chapbook is Final Touches and is limited to 200 unsigned copies. It states “This chapbook is not being made available for sale, nor can it b obtained through dealers. It is being given as a premium only to those who purchase Through Shattered Glass through Gauntlet Press to enhance its collectability and show appreciation for those who purchased from Gauntlet Press.

Unfortunately my lettered copy was purchased second-hand and did not include the CD. I asked Barry Hoffman of Gauntlet Press in May 2021 about this CD and here’s his response: “Jeez, that was close to 30-years ago. I don’t have the CD any longer. I believe it was a reading of one chapter in the book. The book sold out over 10 years ago.”

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