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Dean Koontz Suspense Theater (unproduced)

Unproduced TV series

Release Date: 1990s
Publisher: CBS-TV
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The best-selling author, who pens his suspense thrillers at his home in the hills east of Orange, will have four of his novels produced by Warner Bros. for a series of specials on CBS television: “The Face of Fear,” “Eyes of Darkness,” “Night Chills” and “Darkfall.” The first two shows in the series, which may be released under the banner of “Dean Koontz Suspense Theater,” are expected to air next winter. In addition, Warner Bros. also has optioned four other Koontz novels, including the best-selling “Lightning” and “Strangers.” The Warner-CBS deal won’t be Koontz’s first foray into Hollywood.”
Los Angeles Times, June 30, 1989

Looks like there will be something called “Dean Koontz Suspense Theater” on CBS in the near future. DK’s film rights agent Patricia Karlan sold the idea to Greg Mayday, VP of movies of the week and miniseries at Warner Bros, who turned the project over to Lee Rich. THE FACE OF FEAR, EYES OF DARKNESS, NIGHT CHILLS, and DARKFALL have already been optioned for “Suspense Theater”, two of which are assured of an airing in the first season. Four more books have just been optioned, but I don’t have the titles. Feature film interest in MIDNIGHT, DK’s latest bestseller will prevent it from being part of this deal. Mr. Koontz is writing a teleplay adaptation of DARKFALL and will serve as executive producer on all productions.
Reading For Pleasure, August 1989

“On the horizon is the tentatively-titled Dean Koontz Suspense Theater from Warner Bros, and CBS, The series of book-to-screen specials will include Darkfall, written by Koontz, who is also the exec. producer for the series.”
Aboriginal Science Fiction, January-February 1990, p58-59

“In the 1990s Koontz has a new project under way with CBS-TV: it plans to air “The Dean Koontz Theater” sometime in the future. Included will be Darkfall, The Face of Fear, and Night Chills.”
Presenting Young Adult Horror Fiction by Cosette Kies, Twain Publishers, 1992, p52

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