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A series of two essays and nine Q&As posted monthly on from October 2006 through August 2007 then two more essays, one each in 2008 and 2009.

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Each post was dated and given an individual title. Only “About Odd Thomas” has its own entry on this site as it was reprinted on

Date                    Title
10/11/2006        About Odd Thomas (essay)
11/2/2006          The Importance of Being Odd (essay)
12/4/2006          Dean Koontz Fans Ask the Author
1/3/2007            Dean Koontz Fans Want to Know…
2/13/2007          Compelling Questions from Dean Koontz Fans
3/8/2007            So Many Questions From Dean Koontz Fans
4/2/2007            THE HUSBAND Raises Lots of Good Questions
5/3/2007            Dean Koontz Discusses His Own Marriage
6/1/2007            Never Loan Your Mother-in-Law a Book!
7/5/2007            Can a Writer Ever Be Satisfied?…And Other Burning Questions
8/7/2007            In the Plot vs. Character Challenge, The Characters are Number One!
3/6/2008            The Origin of Audio Books
8/20/2009          Good News For Frankenstein Fans: FRANKENSTEIN 3 Is Coming!