Dean Koontz’s Frankenstein

Limited Editions

Release Date: 2005
Copyright: ©2004 by Dean Koontz
Publisher: Charnel House
Page Count: 87


750 signed and numbered copies
Bound in a beautiful green Japanese Silver Weave silk slipcases in Japanese Mongara-ori silk.
A special pre-publication price of $125.00 was on all numbered copies ordered prior to October 1, 2005
Original List Price:$150.00
States:No statement of printing


26 signed and lettered copies
Bound in full green Morocco leather with random thick crude stitches handsomely housed in a handmade traycase bound in Japanese Mongara-Ori silk. Photo courtesy of Noah Mitchell
Original List Price:$1600.00
States:No statement of printing


“This is Dean’s original screenplay for the two-hour pilot episode of the USA Network television series.
“With an introduction by the author.
“Taken directly from the author’s computer disk and replicating his script in book form. Now you can read Dean’s production design notes on how he envisioned the sets as well as his direction in how the dialogue was to be spoken. This script was not used and the show changed drastically. Now we can see Dean’s vision of a modern day Frankenstein story.”

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