Demon Child

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First Mass Market Paperback

Release Date: 1971
Copyright: Copyright © 1971 by Deanna Dwyer
Publisher: Lancer
Page Count: 224
SBN: 774-75210
States: No statement of printing.
Second printing states: “Second printing, September, 1973” (SBN: 447-75438)

Second Mass Market Paperback

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Release Date: 1976
Publisher: Magnum


The Magnum editions of the Deanna Dwyer titles all state “A Magnum Gothic Original” when in fact they are reprints of the Lancer editions. If you look closely, the Magnum editions have blacked over the original lancer information on the covers and on that printed their information.

Collectors have pointed to the dedication in this book as a way to connect Dean to certain pseudonyms.
“DEDICATION: To Ann, Gracie, Dan, Leonard, Ely and K.R.”

According to Dean:
“K.R. was not Dwyer but a guy who worked at a local bookstore. (In fact all these people worked either at one of these bookstores I used to frequent in Harrisburg.) Another book of that era is likewise dedicated to local booksellers, who complained when they weren’t included in this dedication.” [Letter to the author]

“These are real people,all of whom were gothic-novelist wannabees. Two eventually published several gothics each, and the other failed. It arose as a sort of joke challenge: ‘Anyone could write this crap!’ and some proved it!”
[;Letter to the author]

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2nd Lancer printing

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