Demon Seed

Originally  House of Night

Mass Market Paperback - First printing

Release Date: June 1973
Copyright: Copyright © 1973 by Dean Koontz
Page Count: 182
SBN: #N7190 / 553-10930-8
Cover Price: 95¢
States: “A Bantam Book / published June 1973”
This printing lists “Dean R. Koontz” on cover but “Dean Koontz” on title page and no “R” in the copyright statement.

Mass Market Paperback - Second Printing

Release Date: April 1977
Copyright: Copyright © 1973 by Dean Koontz
Cover Photos © 1977 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Inc.
Publisher: Bantam
Page Count: 182
Cover Price: $1.75
States: "2nd printing ...... April 1977"

Front and back covers have photos from the film.

Lists “Dean R. Koontz” on both cover and title page.


“My title was HOUSE OF NIGHT. Editor said it sounded like a novel about a house of prostitution. He said DEMON SEED sounded less risqué. Go figure.”
Facebook, January 10 at 1:02 PM

Listed under on page 72 Books Received in Richard E. Geis’ The Alien Critic #6, (May) 1976

A brief review appears on page 79 in Richard E. Geis’ Science Fiction Review #21 (May 1977) which calls it a “novelization” of the film. This is corrected in issue #22. See Demon Seed (film).

Other editions:

French paperback
UK Mass Market Paperback – Film edition

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