Demon Seed

Originally  House of Night

Mass Market Paperback - First printing

Release Date: June 1973
Copyright: Copyright © 1973 by Dean Koontz
Page Count: 182
SBN: #N7190 / 553-10930-8
Cover Price: 95¢
States: “A Bantam Book / published June 1973”
This printing lists “Dean R. Koontz” on cover but “Dean Koontz” on title page and no “R” in the copyright statement.

Mass Market Paperback - Second Printing

Release Date: April 1977
Copyright: Copyright © 1973 by Dean Koontz
Cover Photos © 1977 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Inc.
Publisher: Bantam
Page Count: 182
Cover Price: $1.75
States: "2nd printing ...... April 1977"

Front and back covers have photos from the film.

Lists “Dean R. Koontz” on both cover and title page.


A brief review appears on page 79 in Richard E. Geis’ Science Fiction Review #21 (May 1977) which calls it a “novelization” of the film. This is corrected in issue #22. See Demon Seed (film).

Other editions:

French paperback
UK Mass Market Paperback – Film edition

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