Trade Hardcover

Release Date: August 1975
Copyright: © 1975 by K. R. Dwyer
Publisher: Random House
Page Count: 244
ISBN-10: 0-394-49214-5
Cover Price: $7.95
States: “2 4 6 7 9 7 5 3" and “First Edition”

Mass Market Paperback

Release Date: August 1976
Copyright: © K.R. Dwyer, 1975
Publisher: Ballantine Books
Page Count: 261
ISBN-10: 0-345-25140-7
Cover Price: $1.75
States: “First Ballantine Books Edition: August, 1976”
The “About the Author” in the back of book admits that Dwyer is a “pen name” and that the author has written other books “under his own name and pen names”.


This is the first of two DK novels to use The Wind in the Willows as a plot device. The other was Intensity.

Other editions:

UK trade hardcover
UK Book Club Ediiton
UK Sphere mass market paperback

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