Fear That Man

Mass Market Paperback

Release Date: 1969
Copyright: Copyright ©, 1969, by Dean R. Koontz
Publisher: Ace Books
Page Count: 131 (+125 for other title)
SBN: 020-23140 / #23140
Cover Price: 60¢
States: No statement of printing
Ace Double with Toyman by E.C. Tubb
Cover painting by Jack Gaughan


Science Fiction Collector #7 - July 1979

Beabohema #7

Reviewed by Ted Pauls on pages 36-37 in the fanzine BeABohema #7, December 1969.

Reviewed by Bob Vardeman on page 18 of his fanzine Sandworm, Issue #10, Spring 1970.

Listed in “The Perils of Bibliography: A Look at the Writings of E. C. Tubb” by Mike Ashley as published in The Science-Fiction Collector #7, July 1979, p16.

Other editions:

Fear that Man / Dark Symphony Russian hardcover

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An if you think the art work on the Russian edition looks familiar, it was also used on the cover of Burning Bright by Melissa Scott, TOR 1993.

Later Ace edition of Toyman by E.C. Tubb.

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