Girl __ a __


Release Date: late 1970s
Format: Magazine


From an eBay listing from October 2020:
“A reprint of SHARE THE WARM FLESH. This is a photo-illustrated novel IN MAGAZINE FORMAT – the only one by Koontz in this format. A long-time collector, I’ve never seen this byline or title listed anywhere or even mentioned privately among collectors. This is not the same book as Gracie’s Busy Week (which is a book with few photos). This magazine has half-page or full-page photos on just about every page.”

Given the image included with the listing showing the beginning text, I can confirm this is, as the seller says, a reprint of Share the Warm Flesh.

One can assume the the second word in the title is something like “in” or “on” but I can’t say for certain.

Last updated on November 9th, 2020