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See Also: The Long Sleep

Infinity Five edited by Robert Hoskins

Release Date: May 1973
Copyright: Copyright ©1973 by Lancer Books, Inc.
[Grayworld] Copyright ©1973 by Dean R. Koontz
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Publisher: Lancer Books
Page Count: 208
Appears on page(s): 127-205
SBN: 447-75477
Cover Price: 95¢
States: No statement of printing

On the cover: “featuring GRAYWORLD a short novel by DEAN R. KOONTZ”

Page one contains a four paragraph excerpt from "Grayworld".


This story was extended and reissued as The Long Sleep by John Hill in 1975.

DK has stories in Infinity one, three, four and five. Despite popular belief, he was not included in Infinity Two.

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