How to Write Best Selling Fiction

Trade Hardcover

Release Date: 1981
Copyright: Copyright 1981 by Dean R. Koontz
Publisher: Writer’s Digest Books
Page Count: 309
ISBN-10: 0-89879-045-X
Cover Price: $13.95
States: No statement of printing


“Some of the material appearing in this book originally appeared in Writing Popular Fiction, © 1972 by Dean R. Koontz.”

Listed as “Dean Koontz” on the spine.

Mentioned on page 243 of Richard Laymon’s A Writer’s Tale, Deadline Press, 1998.

Featured in an ad for the Writer’s Digest Book Club in The Basics of Writing & Selling Fiction vol. 2, 1984.

Writer’s Digest Book Club ad (1)
Writer’s Digest Book Club ad (2)

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