Illusion, Truth, and the Whole Damn Thing

as the preface to David Copperfield’s Tales of the Impossible Created and Edited by David Copperfield & Janet Berlinner

Copyright: Copyright © 1995 David Copperfield’s Disappearing, Inc.
Publisher: HarperPrism
Appears on page(s): ix-xi

The essay is dated April 1995"

From the author biography:
“Dean Koontz’s novels have sold over 150 million copies in thirty-seven languages, and eleven have been number-one bestsellers. Though he has never been abducted by aliens, he was a foundling raised in the jungle by a tribe of gorillas among whom he is still affectionately known as “mooma.” He now lives with his wife, Gerda, in southern California.”

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November 1995
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December 1996

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