Introduction to Night Visions 6

Night Visions 6

Release Date: 1988
Copyright: Copyright © 1988 by Dark Harvest, Inc.
Illustrations © 1988 by Phil Parks
Introduction © 1988 by Nkui, Inc.
Publisher: Dark Harvest
Page Count: 312
Appears on page(s): 11-24
75 copies presentation

Trade Hardcover

3000 copies
Original List Price:$19.95 (listed on dj)

Limited Hardcover

600 signed, numbered, and slipcased copies
Original List Price:$50.00 (listed on dj)


24 copies

Mystery Scene

Release Date: October 1988
Page Count: 46
Issue: #18
Appears on page(s): 13-16
Cover Price: $4.00


Number of printed copies sourced from The Science-Fantasy Publishers: A Critical and Bibliographic History by Jack L. Chalker & Mark Owings, Third Edition Revised and Enlarged, The Mirage Press Ltd., September 30, 1991

The book Night Visions 6 often has Koontz listed as the author. This is technically incorrect. The Night Visions series is not edited, the stories are published as written by the individual authors. Therefore most of the books in the series have the author of the introduction to that volume listed as the “official” author/editor.

The cover of this book is featured on page 483 of Art of Imagination.

When issued as a mass-market paperback, Night Visions 6 was re-titled The Bone Yard.

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