Koontz on Koontz: On Writing

Fear Nothing Promotional Booklet

Release Date: 1997
Copyright: Copyright © 1997 Dean Koontz
Publisher: Bantam Books
Page Count: 5
Short essay staple-bound on glossy paper included exclusively with a promotional packet distributed by Bantam Books for the forthcoming release of Fear Nothing. The folder also included five additional sheets titled “The Plot”, “Pre-Publication Point-of-sale Opportunity”, “Marketing”, “Placement Contract/Order Form” and “Order Form”.


Release Date: 1977
Copyright: Copyright © 1997 Dean Koontz
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This is the same essay that appears in Fear Nothing promotional booklet under the title “Koontz on Koontz: On Writing” and in Mystery Scene #59 under the title “How Dean Koontz Wrote That Story.”

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