Locus Silver Anniversary Letter

Locus #392

Release Date: September 1993
Page Count: 86
Issue: 392
Appears on page(s): 58-59
Cover Price: $3.95


From the Editor:
“For our 20th Anniversary, we asked our original subscribers for letters. For this one, we spread the net a little fuller and also asked for a 1968 photo to run. The response was extremely gratifying. We received much more than we can possibly run and had to cut some of the letters and drop a number of one or two-liners. We also cut the salutations in order to save space. Some people sent photos, and others said they’d never, never let us know what they looked like then. Some people looked no different 25 years ago.”

Dean’s letter was one of dozens published over seven pages in this issue and more in the next. A photo of Dean was not published.

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