Short Stories & Novellas


The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction

Release Date: September 1969
Page Count: 130
Issue: Volume 37, No. 3, Whole No. 220
Appears on page(s): 56-65
Cover Price: 60¢
On the cover: "DEAN R. KOONTZ"

Themes in Science Fiction: A Journey into Wonder edited by Leo P. Kelly

Release Date: 1972
Copyright: Copyright © 1972 by McGraw-Hill, Inc.
Acknowledgements: “Scott Meridith Literary Agency for permission to reprint... “Muse” by Dean R. Koontz... All stories are reprinted with permission of the authors.”
Format: Trade Paperback
Publisher: Webster Division, McGraw-Hill Book Company
Page Count: 428
ISBN-10: 0-07-033504-4
Original List Price: Unknown
States: No statement of printing

Series Title: Patterns in Literary Art

Contained within Chapter Five: Special Talents

Four discussion questions follow the story.

Considering this is some sort of textbook, the only two copies I've ever seen (one being my personal copy,) have been in surprisingly immaculate condition.

Isaac Asimov’s Wonderful World of Science Fiction 3: Supermen edited by Isaac Asimov, Martin H. Greenberg, & Charles G. Waugh

Release Date: October 1984
Copyright: Copyright © 1984 by Nightfall, Inc., Martin H. Greenberg, and Charles G. Waugh
“Muse” by Dean R. Koontz. Copyright © 1969 by Mercury Press, Inc. From THE MAGAZINE OF FANTASY AND SCIENCE FICTION, September, 1969, reprinted by permission of the author.
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Publisher: A Signet Book – New American Library
Page Count: 350
Appears on page(s): 236-246
ISBN-10: 0-451-13201-7
Cover Price: $3.50
States: “First Printing, October, 1984” and “1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9”

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