Not With an Empty Head

as the afterword to The Old Curiosity Shop by James P. Blaylock

Release Date: February 1999
Copyright: Copyright © 1999 by James P. Blaylock
Introduction Copyright © 1999 by Tim Powers
Afterword Copyright © 1999 by Dean Koontz
Artwork Copyright © 1999 bu Phil Parks
Author’s photograph Copyright © 1999 by Viki Blaylock
Publisher: An Airtight Seals Allied Production (A.S.A.P.)
Page Count: 54
Appears on page(s): 49-54
States: No statement of printing
A separate poster of the Phil Parks cover art was released signed by all contributors except Dean.

Limited Hardcover

Limited to 150 signed and numbered copies
Original List Price:$50.00

Lettered Hardcover

Limited to 26 signed and lettered “collector’s” copies
Traycaseed with an author signed holographic text leaf inset
Original List Price:$125.00

Collector's Hardcover

Limited to 10 signed p.c. “collector’s” copies

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