Short Stories & Novellas

Ollie’s Hands

The Horror Show

Release Date: Summer 1987
Page Count: 64
Issue: Vol. 5, No. 3
Appears on page(s): 52-59
Cover Price: $3.95


Release Date: July 1973
Page Count: 110
Issue: Volume 20, No. 5
Appears on page(s): 74-76,104-108
Cover Price: ONE DOLLAR

Infinity Four edited by Robert Hoskins

Release Date: 1972
Copyright: ©1972 by Lancer Books, Inc.
Publisher: Lancer Books
Page Count: 270
Appears on page(s): 66-84
SBN: 444-75387
Cover Price: 95¢


DK has stories in Infinity one, three, four and five. Despite popular belief, he was not included in Infinity Two.

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