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Release Date: September 2021
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Publisher: Thomas & Mercer
Page Count: 356
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Release Date: January 25, 2022
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Publisher: Thomas & Mercer
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Large Print Hardcover

Release Date: February 23, 2022
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Publisher: Thorndike Press
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Trade Paperbcak

Release Date: July 19, 2022
Copyright: Text copyright © 2022 by The Koontz Living Trust
Publisher: Thomas & Mercer
Page Count: 356
ISBN-13: 978-1542019903
Cover Price: $16.99
States: "First edition"


The original release date was March 15, 2022 but in August 2021, this was changed to January 25, 2022.


“[In Quicksilver, p254] he said that the town name Ajo is pronounced Ah-joe.  It is not. It is originally a Native American word that was changed to Spanish and in neither iteration was it pronounced Ah-joe. It is pronounced Ah-hoe and if you can give it just a hint of a gargle in the back of your throat in the middle, then you’ll have it. It means garlic in Spanish.”
-Cindy Burke

“He referred to the TV show Family Guy as ‘The Family Guy,’  used Jackie Chan and jujitsu as verbs, he described the creature from Alien as a ‘face clutcher’ instead of facehugger, and ‘Galactic Invaders’ instead of Space Invaders”
-Noah Mitchell

p283: “The word megalomaniac did not exist in 1970, when the novel was published; it wouldn’t come into use for another two decades.”
According to the Online Etymology Dictionary, it was first used in 1982 a mere 12 years later. However, according to my Compact Oxford English Dictionary, its first use was in 1980. I’ll give Dean this one.

p311: “We located him in a neon-dazzled arcade with at least a dozen pinball machines as well as early stand-alone consoled like Ms. Pac-Man and Galactic Invaders.”
The console was named Space Invaders, but there was a pinball machine named Galactic Invaders.

“Tigers are physically incapable of purring.”
-Christopher Hatridge

I’m going to disagree with this last one about the tiger. Here it is in context:

“So I ran after her, and when I found her, she had her back to a tree, and the tiger was growling at her, and the only weapon I had was a four-inch rip blade.”
“No melodrama now. Alphonse wasn’t growling, he was purring.”

It’s a child saying that the tiger was purring, not growling, to her grandfather. The fact that tigers can’t purr just shows that the grandfather’s opinion is the correct one.


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