Shadowfires (LN)

Book Club Edition

Release Date: January 1987
Copyright: Copyright © 1987 by Nkui, Inc.
Format: "Reprint" of the paperback edition
Publisher: Avon
Page Count: 406
Book Club ID: 10676
States: "BOOK CLUB EDITION" on front dj flap and "R02" gutter code on page 405.

Mass Market Paperback

Release Date: February 1987
Copyright: Copyright © 1987 by Nkui, Inc.
Publisher: Avon Books
Page Count: 436
ISBN-10: 0-380-75216-6
Cover Price: $3.95
States: “First Avon Printing: February 1987" and “K-R 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1”

UK Trade Hardcover

Release Date: 1987
Copyright: Copyright © 1987 by Nkui, Inc.
Publisher: Collins
Page Count: 479
ISBN-10: 0-00-223164-6
Cover Price: £10.95
States: No statement of printing


The US paperback went through three printings. Many of the third printing was stamped “NOT FOR RESALE” on the top edge and were meant to be pulped. At least one (the copy in my collection) was not.

There are four known printings of this edition: Gutter codes “R02”, “R06”, “R34”, and those without a gutter code.

Additionally, there are various versions of the dust jacket text.  Some mention that Leigh Nichols is Dean in the first paragraph, some in the last paragraph, others in both the first and the last, and some with no mention of Dean at all. Unfortunately, attempts to align versions of the DJ text to the various printings have been unsuccessful as various individuals own the same printings with differing dust jackets. (Thanks to Jeff Welsh for noticing the different dust jacket text!)

A few of the variations of the BCE jacket text:

DJ copy mentioning Dean in the first and last paragraph.
DJ copy with no mention of Dean.

RE: Gutter Codes
The letter indicates a year and the two numbers indicate the week of the year (1-52) that the copy was published. So – if R indicates 1987, then R02 means the second week of January 1987, whereas R06 means the second week of February 1987 etc. [Noah Mitchell]

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