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Sole Survivor (TV)

Television Broadcast as "Dean Koontz’s Sole Survivor”

Release Date: September 13 & 14, 2000
Publisher: Fox
2-part miniseries starring Billy Zane
Broadcast September 13-14, 2000, 2-hours each night
Each part 1:29:00 after commercials


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Not to be confused with the 1984 film Sole Survivor directed by Thom Eberhardt.

The September 9-15 TV Guide has the listings for this TV movie appear on pages 202 & 211 (part 1) and 228 & 238 (part two). A review appears on page 69 under “Susan Stewart’s Hits & Misses.”
[Note, the first page is for the “grid” listing, the second for the “regular” listing. Also, in the copy I have part two’s broadcast was delayed until 11pm due to a baseball game and there therefore actually appear on pages 229 and 241. the numbers listed previously are assumptions based on where the listings would be is the game was not included.]


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