Star Quest

Mass Market Paperback

Release Date: 1968
Copyright: ©1968 by Ace Books, Inc.
Publisher: Ace Books
Page Count: 127
SBN: #H-70
Cover Price: 60¢
States: No statement of printing

Cover art by Gray Morrow.

Ace Double w/Doom of the Green Planet by E. Petaja


Other editions:

Russian Hardcover: Star Quest / Fall of the Dream Machine / Time Theives

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A brief quote from Star Quest appears on page 9 of the fanzine Diaspar #17 (November 1975, Terry Carr ed.) under the heading “H.C. KOENIG, WHERE ARE YOU NOW THAT WE NEED YOU Dept.:”.

Listed as part of the Ace books index in Science Fiction Collector #1 (1976)

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