Short Stories & Novellas

Temple of Sorrow

Amazing Stories

Release Date: January 1969
Page Count: 146
Issue: Vol. 42, No. 5
Appears on page(s): 36-58
Cover Price: 50c

Illustrated by Jeff Jones

On the cover: NEW – DEAN R. KOONTZ – Temple of Sorrow


“[Barry] Malzberg last only six and a half months [as editor of Amazing Stories]. During his time he secured a new novel by Richard C. Meredith (“We All Dies at Breakaway Station,” January-March 1969), as well as new stories from Dean R. Koontz [“Temple of Sorrow”] and Ray Russell.”
Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Weird Fiction Magazines edited by Marshall B. Tymm and Mike Ashley. Greenwood Press,  1985, p41.

The cover of Amazing Stories featuring this story appears on page 41 of Science Fiction of the 20th Century: An Illustrated History by Frank M. Robinson, Collector’s Press Inc., 1999.

The cover of Amazing stories featuring this story appears on page 49 of Art of Imagination: 20th Century Visions of Science Fiction, Horror, and Fantasy by Frank M. Robinson and Robert E. Weinberg, Collector’s Press. Inc., 2002.

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