Short Stories & Novellas

Terra Phobia

Androids, Time Machines & Blue Giraffes (Trade Hardcover)

Release Date: 1973
Copyright: © 1973 by Dean R. Koontz (Story)
Publisher: Follett Publishing Company
Page Count: 381
ISBN-10: 0-695-80369-7
Cover Price: $6.95
States: “First Printing”

Sub-titled A Panorama of 24 Science-Fiction Stories by the Master Writers of a Century

Compiled by Roger Elwood and Vic Ghidalia

Two ISBNs are listed on the copyright page:
ISBN: 0-695-40369-9 Titan Binding
ISBN: 0-695-80369-7 Trade Binding
I have never seen a copy of the Titan Binding edition

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