Vaughn Bodé’s The Amorous Adventures of Puck

Vaughn Bodé's Lizard Zen

Release Date: January 1999
Format: Trade Paperback
Publisher: Fantigraphics Books
Page Count: 48
ISBN-10: 1-56097-266-1
Cover Price: $9.95
Contains the only commercially published versions of “The Amorous Adventures of Puck” on pages 6-7. The table of contents lists this work as “previously unpublished.”


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Release Date: 1974
Page Count: 86

From an eBay auction description:

“Offered for sale is an original hardbound manuscript / screen play (presentation copy) to Vaughn Bode's and Dean R. Koontz's "The Amorous Adventures of Puck" (1974), which was the PERSONAL copy of the artist himself (signed back cover with return address), includes SEVEN hand painted animation cels by Bode of characters and scenes from the book, and is a ONE OF A KIND historical rarity worthy of being in a museum or historical archive (86 pages; Character Model Sheets; Screenplay Text; Illustrated Story Board Panels)(see bio info below). The set comes from the personal collection of noted Chronicle Newspaper Columnist and TV Host John Stanley, whom was a professional associate and friend of Bode, and received the book and cels as a gift from the artist (see photo #12 for reference). The hardcover presentation book measures 11" x 8.5", is in "EXCELLENT" condition (super clean and well preserved; has been stored in a flat file for over thirty years), and is still very suitable for usage or display. The seven hand painted animation cels measure 9" x 12", are in "EXCELLENT" condition (minor edge wear in spots), and list as follows - "Puck & Flower Girl" (signed backside), "Puck & Lover" (signed on backside), "Fanny" (unsigned), "Saffo" (unsigned), "Baron Trichos Bird" (unsigned), "Hacker" (unsigned), and "Puck & Poontang" (signed Vaughn Bode backside). Original artwork by Bode rarely to never comes up for sale at auction, with realized auction prices going into the thousands of dollars! The asking price for the collection is $9,500.00 with FREE shipping/handling (insured), and is the only opportunity you'll ever have at acquiring such a rare and unique artifact from the creative genius of Vaughn Bode! Overseas bidders please add for additional S/H costs, and CA State Residents please add 9% sales tax. Thanks for visiting my auction listing, and feel free to contact me with further questions or comments!

“additional notes: The item's most appealing aspect is it was Bode's personal hardbound manuscript/screenplay from which he painted customized cels to compliment the presentation...the backstory is Bode and Koontz originally created the story in 1970 and were in serious negotiatons [sic] with Ralph Bakshi Studios in 1974 for the production of the story into an animated feature back, but the deal fell through, the project was shelved, and Bode passed away a year later. It's a one-of-a-kind item, a lovingly crafted set of images by the hand of the artist, and is signed with iron clad provenance! Lastly, it has been suggested by the artist's son, Mark Bode, that long time artistic collaborator Larry Todd may have also had a hand in the project.”

From a post by Ralph Bakshi on the The Official Ralph Bakshi Website:

“Ok Ok Ok - Vaughn Bode was one of the worlds [sic] great cartoonists. Vaughn, his wife and his newborn son at that time used to hang around my apartment in Manhatten [sic] and talk about doing an animated film together. Sure he influenced me and many others, as I influenced him. He told me his secret to his Lizards was a simplification of Daffy Duck and Vaughn really love Fritz the Cat - what I had done with it. We were gonna do the Amorous Adventures of Puck - after Wizards. The script he wrote was hysterical, something about a Don Juan Lizard with a wooden dildo because in those days - Lizards had no balls. At any rate, I loved Vaughn and his family very much and never speak of him because of what he did to himself. I try to erase that whole part of my life out of my mind. I really miss him and all the wonderful, brilliant things he would have done by now. Victoria's website forced me to finally admit that Vaughn was gone.”

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