The Eyes of Darkness (LN)

Mass Market Paperback

Release Date: Feburary 1981
Copyright: © 1981 by Leigh Nichols
Publisher: Pocket Books
Page Count: 312
ISBN-10: 0-671-82784-7
SBN: #82784-7
Cover Price: $2.75
States: “First Pocket Books printing February, 1981" and “10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1"
Die-cut cover and FFEP artwork only in first printing

UK Trade Hardcover

Release Date: 1982
Copyright: © 1981 by Leigh Nichols
Publisher: Piatkus
Page Count: 312
ISBN-10: 0-86188-201-6
Cover Price: £7.50
States: No statement of printing


Chapter 14 features this line:
“Elliot grinned. ‘I’m one of the founding partners of Stryker, Choen, Dwyer, Coffey, and Napotino.'”
This line was changed in the revised edition.

From the Piatkus edition:
“He is currently working on his third novel.”
This conflicts with the author description from the UK hardcover edition of The Door to December regarding the gender of the Leigh Nichols pseudonym.

Other editions:

Fontana UK mass market paperback (Courtesy of Noah Mitchell)
UK Fontana mass market paperback

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