The Man Who Knows About Hippodurkees (DRK)

as the untitled introduction to The Stress of Her Regard by Tim Powers

Release Date: 1989
Copyright: Copyright © 1989 by Tim Powers
"Introduction" by Dean R. Koontz copyright © 1989 by Nkui, Inc.
Publisher: Charnel House
Page Count: 544
Appears on page(s): ix-xi

Dean's introduction is unique to the Charnel House editions. It has not appeared in other releases of this title.

Limited Hardcover

500 signed and numbered copies
Bound in handstreaked denim with denim slipcase.
Limitation sheet made of African Maple and is signed by all contributors
Original List Price:!125.00

Lettered Hardcover

26 lettered copies
Bound in full Morocco Oasis Nigher leather with case.
Original List Price:$400.00


Reprinted as “The Man Who Knows About Hippodurkees” by Dean Koontz in The Dean Koontz Companion.

An entry (A11a) for this title/edition appears on page 11 of A Checklist of Tim Powers by Christopher P. Stephens & Tim Joyce, Charnel House, 1992. (ISBN: 0-89366-198-8)

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