Short Stories & Novellas

The Monitors of Providence


Release Date: 1986
Copyright: Copyright © 1986 by the contributors.
Page Count: 17

“Strictly limited to 1,000 copies for free distribution at WorldFanCon 1986, and ten copies each for the contributors.” [total of 1120 copies printed]

“Contributors (in alphabetical order, which does not correspond to the numbered sections of the story): Michael Blaine, Dennis Etchison, James Kisner, Dean R. Koontz, Joe R. Lansdale, Richard Christian Metheson, Robert R. McCammon, William F. Nolan. Alan Rodgers, David B. Silva, J. N. Williamson, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro.”


Staple-bound chap-book containing the single story in 12 parts. Each author wrote one part but the book does not state which author wrote which part.

According to David B. Silva, Dean wrote part four. [Source: E-mail to the author]

According to Hunter Goatley (Facebook): “Robert R. McCammon (Part 8), Joe R. Lansdale (Part 11), David B. Silva (Part 7), Richard Christian Matheson (Part 12).”

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