Short Stories & Novellas

The Night of the Storm

Continuum 1 edited by Roger Elwood (Trade Hardcover)

Release Date: April 1974
Copyright: Copyright © 1974 by Roger Elwood
Publisher: G.P. Putnam’s Sons
Page Count: 246p
Appears on page(s): 218-246
SBN: 399-11283-9
Cover Price: $5.95
States: No statement of printing

Continuum 1 edited by Roger Elwood (Mass Market Paperback)

Release Date: May 1974
Copyright: Copyright © 1974, by Roger Elwood
Publisher: Berkley Medallion
Page Count: 202
Appears on page(s): 179-202
SBN: 425-02828 / #N2828
Cover Price: 95¢
States: Berkley Medallion Edition, MAY, 1974
Included Kent cigarette ad between pages 106 and 107.


From the introduction to Continuum 2 by Roger Elwood:
“The final series in the Continuum anthologies is one built around the revolving authorship concept.  Dean Koontz laid the groundwork for this series, developed the territory into which other authors would venture, and wrote the first story himself; it’s entitles “Night of the Storm.”  Then four other authors wrote successive stories: “Fire Fountain” by Gail Kimberly (in this volume); “Darkness of Day” by George Zebrowski and Pamela Sargent; and “Making the Connection” by Barry N. Malzberg.

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