These Boots Are Made For Writin’

Dystopia: Collected Stories by Richard Christian Matheson (Deluxe Numbered Edition)

Release Date: May 2000
Copyright: Copyright © 2000 by Richard Christian Matheson
Publisher: Gauntlet Publications
Page Count: 528
Appears on page(s): 357-361
ISBN-10: 1-887-36824-8
Original List Price: $250.00

250 signed and numbered copies with slipcase (signed by all contributors)

There is also 500-copy numbered edition of Dystopia does not contain any of the non-RCM material that is included in this limited edition.

Original purchasers of the deluxe edition of Dystopia received a VHS tape of the short-film “Aroused” by RCM.

Useless News

Release Date: Spring 2000
Appears on page(s): 8-9

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