Short Stories & Novellas

Twilight of the Dawn (DRK)

Night Visions 4

Release Date: 1987
Copyright: © 1987 by Dark Harvest, Inc.
Illustrations © 1987 by Kevin Davies
Publisher: Dark Harvest
Page Count: 275
Appears on page(s): 73-104
States: No statement of printing
75 copies presentation

Advance Uncorrected Proof

24 copies
Advance uncorrected proof of the hardcover edition
Comb-bound 8.5x11” pages, single sided photocopies, unnumbered

Limited Hardcover

500 signed and numbered copies with slipcase.
Original List Price:$49.95 (listed on dj)

Trade hardcover

3000 copies
Original List Price:$18.95 (listed on dj)

Night Visions: Hardhsell

Release Date: August 1988
Format: Mass market paperback reprint of Night Visions 4
Publisher: Berkley Books
Page Count: 279
Appears on page(s): 66-97
ISBN-10: 0-425-10975-5
Cover Price: $3.95
States: “10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1”

Night Fears

Release Date: June 15, 1989
Format: UK hardcover reprint of Night Visions IV
Publisher: Headline
Page Count: 308
Appears on page(s): 73-106
ISBN-10: 0-7472-0132-3
Cover Price: £12.95
States: States: “First published in Great Britain in 1989 by HEADLINE BOOK PUBLISHING PLC”

Under the Gun: Mystery Scene Presents the Best Suspense and Mystery – First Annual Collection edited by Edward Gorman and Robert J. Randisi

Release Date: February 1990
Copyright: Copyright © 1990by James Frenkel, Edward Gorman, Martin H. Greenberg, and Robert J. Randisi
"Twilight of the Dawn," by Dean R. Koontz. Copyright © 1987 by Dean R. Koontz. First published in Night Visions IV, Dark Harvest. Reprinted by permission of the author.
Page Count: 399
Appears on page(s): 286-310
A short bio & story introduction appears on page 285.

Trade Hardcover

New American Library
Original List Price:$19.95 (listed on dj)
States:“First Printing, February, 1990 – 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9”

Trade Paperback

A Plume Book
Original List Price:$10.95 (listed on cover)
States:“First Plume Printing, February, 1990 – 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9”

Masters of Darkness 3 edited by Dennis Etchison

Release Date: May 1991
Copyright: © 1991 by Dennis Etchison
“Twilight of the Dawn” copyright © 1987 by Nkui, Inc. From Night Visions 4. Reprinted by permission of the author. Author’s Note © 1991 by Nkui. Inc.
Publisher: TOR
Page Count: 332
Appears on page(s): 268-302
ISBN-10: 0-812-51766-0
Cover Price: $3.95
States: ”First Edition: May 1991” and “0 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1”

The Complete Masters of Darkness Edited by Dennis Etchison

Release Date: January 1991
Copyright: ©1991 by Dennis Etchison
Publisher: Underwood & Miller
Page Count: 766
Appears on page(s): 699-724 followed by “Author’s Note”
States: No statement of printing (See note below)
Appears on the last page: "This first edition of MASTERS OF DARKNESS was published in January, 1991. A Deluxe leatherbound traycased edition of 350 signed and numbered copies was bound in English pigskin and German linen, with Japanese marbled endpaers."

Limited Hardcover

350 signed and numbered copies
“Bound in English pigskin and German silk cloth, with hand marbled Japanese endpapers and linen traycase.”
Copies signed by many contributors but not Koontz.
Original List Price:$160.00

Trade Hardcover

Original List Price:$39.95 (listed on dj)

Trade Paperback

Original List Price:$15.95 (listed on cover)


Number of printed copies sourced from The Science-Fantasy Publishers: A Critical and Bibliographic History by Jack L. Chalker & Mark Owings, Third Edition Revised and Enlarged, The Mirage Press Ltd., September 30, 1991

© 1987 by Nkui, Inc.

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