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Watchers 3


Release Date: 1995
Copyright: © 1994 The Pacific Trust
Publisher: New Horizons Home Video
SBN: #NH00460


Release Date: 1994
Copyright: © 1994 The Pacific Trust
Publisher: IVE, Inc.


Release Date: 2003
Copyright: ©2003 Concorde-New Horizons Corp.
Publisher: New Concorde
SBN: NH20460 D


Released: 1995
Production Company: Concorde-New Horizons Corp.
Director: Jeremy Stanford
Stars: Wings Hauser
Run time: 84 min.

The original packaging stated the title as “Dean Koontz’ Watchers 3″.  Koontz sued because he had nothing to do with the creation of the film.  Koontz won and forced the company to place a sticker over part of the video’s package that covered the original title with the statement “based on the novel ‘Watchers’ by Dean Koontz” in much small print than was originally printed on the boxes.

The promotional packet for Watchers 3 lists the original “Dean Koontz” title. All four included publicity stills were captioned “From the New York Times Best Selling Novel by DEAN KOONTZ: WATHERS 3…” (The eight included color slides were not so captioned.)


  • Fangoria #139 Jan 1995 p12

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