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Watchers Reborn


Release Date: 1998
Publisher: New Horizons Home Video
SBN: NH00559

Video CD

Release Date: c. August 2001
Copyright: © 1998 The Pacific Trust
Publisher: Universe Laser & Video Co. Limited
SBN: VCD 2414

2 Video CDs
"Licensed to use only in Hong Kong & Macau. Parallel imports are prohibited"

Wacthers Reborn VCDThis is a version I purchased online in 2018 and is probably not the original release as it does not match the cover image that was on the Web site (shown right).


Release Date: March 23, 2004
Publisher: Concorde-New Horizons Corp.
SBN: NH20559 D
Original List Price: $9.98


Director: Michael Michniewicz
Starring: Mark Hamill
Run Time: 83 min.

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