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Watch Hideaway instantly

March 19, 2011

For better or for worse, Hideaway has been made available for streaming via Netflix. From Netflix:

1995 R 106 minutes
After antiques dealer Hatch Harrison (Jeff Goldblum) crashes his car and is pronounced clinically dead for more than two hours, brilliant cardiologist Jonas Nyebern (Alfred Molina) miraculously revives Hatch, giving him a second chance at life. But he soon begins to experience murderous visions through the eyes of a satanic serial killer (Jeremy Sisto) … who’s stalking Hatch’s teenage daughter (Alicia Silverstone).

Double the Odd

March 7, 2011

I previously mentioned Double the Odd forthcoming from book clubs sucj as The Literary Guild. At the time details were sparse. Turns out it’s a two-for-one containing the first two Odd Thomas Manga: In Odd We Trust and Odd Is On Our Side.
Here’s the official details:

Illustrated by Queenie Chan (The Dreaming, and co-author of In Odd We Trust), Dean Koontz’ Double the Oddbrings two original adventures of Odd Thomas—the 19-year old short order cook who communes with the dead—into graphic novel form.

After death, some spirits just want a little company, but others want justice, and their motto is In Odd We Trust. Now the specter of a very frightened boy rouses Odd to root out the evil suddenly infecting sunny Pico Mundo. But even with his special ability—and the police and his pistol-packing girlfriend, Stormy, backing him—is Odd any match for a faceless killer who’s always one step ahead?

In Odd Is On Our Side (co-written by Fred Van Lente of Cowboys & Aliens fame), it’s Halloween, and Odd senses that something more sinister than make-believe goblins and ghouls is on the prowl. But even his frequent visitor, the shade of Elvis Presley, can’t seem to point him in the right direction. Is something wicked afoot in the remote barn guarded by devilish masked men? Has All Hallows Eve taken a malevolent turn? Or is the pleading ghost of a trick-or-treater a frightening omen of doom?

Times are twice as odd in Pico Mundo, in our exclusive 2-in-1 manga-style omnibus.

“Not the Stephen King Guy!”

March 6, 2011

Mick GarrisHere’s an interesting tidbit from a recent Fangoria interview with Mick Garris:

FANG: Has your close association with King cost you other work or created any kind of industry backlash?

GARRIS: Well, I’ve never told this story before. After I finished QUICKSILVER HIGHWAY, I was offered a miniseries based on a Dean Koontz book. I wasn’t really sure I wanted to commit to anything, and I didn’t know the book, but I said I’d read it. About a week later, I heard Koontz supposedly said, “No way! Not the Stephen King guy!” But most of the backlash I get is from the Kubrick fans who can’t believe that we remade THE SHINING. I take a lot of heat from them. But we just wanted to make something truer to the book. But, any negatives are far overweighed by the positives. Stephen is just an amazing and generous guy.

Prodigal Son volume 2 #4

March 5, 2011

Here’s the cover image for issue #4 of Prodigal Son volume 2. The folks at Bloody Disgusting have a complete review and additional images.

Midnight next for trade paperback treatment

March 5, 2011 is now listing a trade paperback edition of Midnight list-priced $16.00. No cover image is available yet.

What the Night Knows paperback details

February 27, 2011

No cover image yet but Amazon does now have a listing for the paperback edition of What the Night Knows. No word as to whether Darkness Under the Sun will be included in this edition.

I see dead people, keptin!

February 13, 2011

I’m sure he’ll do fine but the fresh memories of Anton Yelchin’s Russian accent as Chekov in 2009’s Star Trek, just wouldn’t leave my mind when I heard that he’s been cast in the upcoming Odd Thomas film. Do you think he’s right for the part?

Cheaper re-releases on their way

February 6, 2011

On April 26th, Bantam will be re-issuing the Dark Rivers of the Heart, Icebound, and Winter Moon mass-market paperbacks for just $5.99 each with special announcements as such on the covers.

Two more trade paperback re-releases on their way

February 6, 2011

Surfing around I just stumbled over the forthcoming trade paperback re-releases of The Eyes of Darkness and Hideaway coming out on April 5th and June 7th respectively. Both include Afterwords as with other previously releases in this series.

Three covers for Nevermore #2

February 5, 2011

According to Previews Issue 269 it looks like there’s going to be three different covers for Nevermore #2.

Borders bookmark ephemera

February 5, 2011

Found this at a Borders bookstore last night:

Dean re-returns to science ficiton

January 29, 2011

I recently discovered that in March of this year, the Nevermore comic series “Created by Dean Koontz” will be released by Dynamite, the current publishers of Dean’s Frankenstein comics. The interesting bit, is that none of the articles I’ve found online (1,2,3,4,5,6) mention that Nevermore #1 and #2 were previously released in March and June of 2009 respectively, by Dabel Brothers. (As I understand it, Dabel brothers went out of business shortly thereafter.) So the question is, will the first two issues of this “new” series be reprints of the original first two issues or not? Keep an eye out for further details as I find them. (Oh, and don’t miss the fact that there will be four different covers released for issue #1.)
Here are the images that I’ve been able to find online:

One more thing, an online article by Zac Turgeon is based on a “10 page preview” of issue #1. Does anyone know how I can get my hands on a copy of that?

Dean on Blu-ray for better or for worse

January 26, 2011

The film High Tension, often pointed out as a complete rip-off of Intensity, has been released on Blu-ray.

Blurb on a David Morrell book

January 26, 2011

David Morrell’s 2008 book The Successful Novelist contains a blurb from Dean on the back cover. FYI: The guide will contain an appendix listing books containing review blurbs form Dean. It won’t be exactly exhaustive but so far I do believe I have hundreds of titles listed. So, if you know of any please supply the title, author and year of publication in a comment.

Two new reprints in the next two months

January 25, 2011

A new trade paperback edition of The Door to December will be released by NAL on February 1st. The cover lists that it includes an afterword and considering it doesn’t say “a new afterword” I’m guessing it’s the same one as in the previously released Signet mass market paperback edition.

Then on March 1st, a new paperback of The Voice of the Night will be released with “a new afterword”. At this point I’m assuming it’s in the premium format given the $9.99 cover price and the fact that other recent reprints have been in that format.

Frankenstein updates

January 25, 2011

Just in case you missed it, the premium paperback edition of Frankenstein: Lost Souls was released today. (However, does list it as a mass market paperback.)

And on May 24th we’ll see the release of the fifth book in the series, Frankenstein: The Dead Town. This is being released as a mass market original, completely skipping a trade hardcover release.

Jeffrey Jones: A Life in Art

January 22, 2011

Previously I wondered if the book Jeffrey Jones: A Life in Art contained any of the work he did for Dean’s books. The answer is yes. Page 194 contains the cover of Dark of the Woods. As a result, both editions will be included in the Guide.


January 20, 2011

Legacies edited by Richard ChizmarI always had this small defense in the back of my mind when someone asked me why my book isn’t out yet. It was “Well, Cemetery Dance was supposed to publish Legacies back in 2001 also and it’s not out yet either.” That defense, although generally unspoken, disappeared yesterday as I finally received my copy of Legacies, containing Dean’s “Black River”, yesterday. (Click on the photo for more pics of this wonderful and long-awaited title.)

An odd observation about a recent book club edition

January 19, 2011

Back in the old days, book club editions didn’t list ISBNs, just the book club’s number. Then, a few years back they started listing an ISBN but usually of the equivalent trade edition. For example, the ISBN for the trade hardcover of What the Night Knows is 978-0-553-80772-1. The book club edition (BCE) of What the Night Knows lists the book club number of 1315656 but also the ISBN for the trade edition. (The appearance of the club number and the smaller size, never mind the shoddy binding, indicate that it’s a book club edition.) What this boils down to is that BCE’s don’t get their own ISBNs.
But then today I received my BCE of the large print edition of What the Night Knows. It lists a club number of 1333073 but the ISBN 978-1-61129-143-8. This is not the ISBN of the trade paperback large print edition. (978-0-7393-7797-0) Any searches for this new ISBN online all point to the large print book club edition.
So here’s my question from a bibliographer’s point of view: when did book club editions start getting their own ISBNs? Anyone?

Needed: Original publication of an interview by John Gilbert

January 17, 2011

The Summer 2006 issue of Useless News contains an interview titled “From the Graveyard of Forgotten Interviews” described as A few questions from a 1995 interview with John Gilbert.” I’m looking for any information on the original publication of this interview.