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The Girl on the Glider by Brian Keene

January 1, 2012

Just finally got around to reading Brian Keene’s The Girl on the Glider and it turns out that it had earned an entry in the ephemera section of the Collector’s Guide for the following paragraph on pages 78-79:

The Girl on the GliderI’d also become distinctly aware that a number of people who I’d thought were my friends were my friends only because of who I am and not because of who I am. There is a distinction there, and I bet Stephen King, Dean Koontz, or Dick Laymon would have commiserated . But I wasn’t going to ask King and Koontz for advice on shit like that, simply because I know how overwhelming it is when people do it to me. And Dick wasn’t around to ask. I considered trying to contact him via Ouija board or a medium. Ask him for advice on how to deal with all of the users and abusers and hangers-on in my life, and “Hey, Dick, while we’re at it, what can you tell me about the afterlife? Because I’ve got to tell you, my old mentor—I’m fucking scared of dying.”

There were only 537 copies of this title published by Cemetery Dance in 2010 and it’s long sold out, but it looks like has a copy or two available right now.