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Animated Nevermore?

October 12, 2012

I just stumbled over an article titled “BBC Worldwide Flies into Historical Fantasy with ‘Peter Panzerfaust’ Multi-Platform Series” which doesn’t seem to have all that much to do with Dean. However, the last paragraph, describing the company Quality Transmedia had a little snippet of something very interesting:

Quality Transmedia is multiplatform entertainment venture with projects in the film, television, and digital spaces. Founded in 2012 by Double Barrel Motion Labs CEO, Jeff Krelitz, QT focuses on branded entertainment it can incubate in the digital space and shift to broadcast and film. Since its founding earlier this year, QT has set up a distribution output deal with Starz Digital Media and is creating online series for networks like Fox’s IGN with their video game stunt show, “Game Over.” QT is currently developing animated adaptations of Fall Out Boy’s rock opera, “Fall Out Toyworks” and Dean Koontz’s “Nevermore.” Previous productions include work on other prominent properties including “Spartacus” with Starz, “Tron: Legacy” with Disney, and a “Dr. Who” motion comic for BBC America.